About Thrifty’s Bazaar

Thrifty's Bazaar is an e-commerce platform alternative to amazon, craigslist and ebay.   We are a community of stores, making up a one-stop shop for new and used physical products and content.  We offer e-commerce options for individuals, thrift stores, businesses, artists, and consignment shops.

Partner Program

Thrifty's Bazaar Vendors

Our platform is responsible for:  maintaining the site, the brand logo, feel, colors, marketing, account maintenance, billing and updating the website to accommodate the most recent web technology for e-commerce, and security.  Thrifty's Bazaar is focused on bringing you a shopping experience that is easy to navigate using a smart phone, tablet and desktop. We optimize product content to help first-time customers to easily find what they are searching for.

The Store Front

As a vendor, your responsible for:  listing the item accurately, pricing your item to include shipping, and upload as many detailed pictures to allow other customers to see the condition of the item.

Thrifty's Bazaar promotes new vendors on it's Facebook page to help your store gain traction and movement with your items to ensure they sells in a timely manner.

Thrifty's Bazaar Facebook Page