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Our Impact

The cost of living keeps going up as the amount of money the average person earns stays relatively flat. Thus, low income earners are affected the most and are not able to afford even the most basic computers at retail prices.

Our program cuts out most of the profit and focuses on the quality of the computer for low income families.When you donate your computer, it does not get tossed into a landfill.

Someone in need gets the computer after the data has been removed and the computer is fully tested for quality.

In conclusion, with your donation of a old or broken computers you are supplying out others in need of computers for educational requirements, work and all other things unmentioned.

Donate Broken & Old Computers

About The Bizarre Computer Program

The Bizarre Computer Program was created for low income families to get access to quality computers at a substantially discounted rate. 

The only way we can make this possible is by receiving donations of computers and computer parts from businesses or individuals that would otherwise be recycled.

The Bizarre Computer Program has adopted the industry standard data destruction and sanitation process. Any data left on the drive at the time of donation is removed as the drive goes through a sanitation process.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple, create a way for anyone of low income to be able to afford a computer. 
We support the open source movement because it provides software and hardware solutions to users without depending on proprietary technology. For a few examples of the benefits of open source software, The Bizarre Computer Program utilizes open source operating systems like Ubuntu because of the long term support for the operating system, built-in security to operating system and pre-installed Libre 5 Office software.
We stand behind the quality of computers that we are offering consumers. We test each computer, end-to-end to ensure each part works as expected.
We offer a (7) day exchange policy for computers that have hardware and software issues. In the event your computer was purchased from us and the computer has an issue outside of the (7) day period, we offer hardware/software support at a substantial discount.

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