WHAT I Do...

The 'behind the scenes process' of my painting projects

Before The Art

Before I create something, I have to be in the head space by reminding myself to not think of the end product but to be focused on current moment of the piece.  My art is an expression of my feelings, in the current moment.  

My Process

In the beginning, I take inspiration from sci-fi and video games mixed with old mythology and nature to create paint infused art.  During the creative process, I use music to be mindful of the 'current state' of the painting.  In the end, the best part of creating art is when someone else appreciates it.

What I Use

For painting, I use acrylic and spray paint.  For drawing, graphite, paint pens, markers, colored pencil and charcoal.  I blend them all together using 'Mixed Media'.

A Lifetime Of Art

I have been drawing since I was an infant.  I began selling drawings 5 years ago.   Before I began creating art full time, I was interested in old mythologies, such as old religions, Greek mythology.  Just, recently, being inspired by Hindu mythology, Chinese mythology, Japanese mythology.

Past Projects

Magneto (Marvel Vs. Capcom 2) | Bastet (Smite) | Rick & Morty (Portaling) | Abstract (Lines) | Alien Gorilla | Moose Soup (Your Mom's House Podcast) | Bachus (Smite)

Custom Art

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