The Vader - Painting Inspired by the Star Wars 'Rogue One' Movie

Artist - Geoffrey Tollefson

Past Projects

Magneto (Marvel Vs. Capcom 2) | Bastet (Smite) | Rick & Morty (Portaling) | Abstract (Lines) | Alien Gorilla | Moose Soup (Your Mom's House Podcast) | Bachus (Smite)

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Dell Inspiron N5010

Bizarre Computer Program

The Bizarre Computer Program was created for low income families to get access to quality computers at a substantially discounted rate.  The only way we can make this possible is by receiving donations of computers and computer parts from businesses or individuals that would otherwise be recycled.

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Thrifty's Bazaar

Thrifty's Bazaar is focused on bringing you a shopping experience that is easy to navigate using a smart phone, tablet and desktop. We optimize product content to allow first time customers to easily find what they are searching for.


Electric Poetry - Digitech RP360

Electric Poetry

Electric Poetry is a one-man band specializing in funk, blues, reggae, folk and jazz, alternative, and progressive music.