Thrifty's Bazaar Partner Program

eCommerce Partners get their own store on Thrifty’s Bazaar

Partner Pages

eCommerce Partners can add a custom page to tell the 'product story' and engage customers

Attach Videos To Content

eCommerce Partners can add video to their products to allow the customer to see the condition and quality of the item.

Customize Your eCommerce Shop Profile

Upload a background and profile images that shows off your products and enables your customers see who their purchasing fro m.

Upload Product Pictures & Content

Upload awesome pictures and include unique product descriptions to engage 1st time shoppers.

Mobile Responsive eCommerce Stores On Thrifty's Bazaar

Post your products on your social media accounts and engage customers using mobile devices with our mobile responsive eCommerce design.

Add a Partner Page for to your eCommerce store for $40

Engage your customers on social media and Youtube. When you post a comment about your product on Facebook or Youtube, you can post add a link back to your custom product page, increasing the up-sell and cross selling of other products in your eCommerce store.

Sell 'Downloadable' & Virtual Products

Do you sell ebooks or music? Do you sell a virtual product? With your eCommerce store, you can have customers download products after purchasing them from your eCommerce store.

Spend Less On eCommerce Re-Seller Fees

When you sell an item on Thrifty's Bazaar, we only take 5% out of the total price of the sale.

Sell Digital, Physical and Virtual Products
Boost your Success


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